Winter Adventure

Hello babes!

I know it’s been a while but I’m back for good with a very special post. This time it’s a very personal one and all of my posts for now on are going to be very personal . *wink wink*

So, let’s get started! It’s been a while since me and my bff had a winter shoot in the snow in our hometown. It was a very special one for me as it was during my first year at uni and I was missing my hometown and my bff so much..


As it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with carols in every store I enter, and decorations everywhere in town, I get so emosh and I hope I’ll bring in you a little bit of my excitement and happiness. I’m a bit Christmas freak (as you can see) as I’ve started to listen to carols for 2 weeks now and it’s only November.


We had so much fun shooting these pics even though it was freezing cold.15152930_1257936030935425_1400556919_o

I’m wearing my fave coat from New Yorker

My scarf and beanie from Zara

And my boots are from Timberland




Hope you liked my post babes. Feel free to leave comments and tell me what are you most excited for Christmas and what’s your fave winter item?

Love, A.

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