Back to school (must-have shoes) 👠👢👞

Hello everybody! As I promised, for today’s post I would talk about my must-have shoes for school. Everyone loves shoes! Let’s be hones! When it comes to school, I think that first of all, you have to feel comfortable and then sophisticated! So, I have found some shoes that are comfortable and sophisticated at the same time! 😏

Let’s get started! 

For this time of the year, I’m still wearing flats, so I picked up some gold flats. Those would make a simple outfit (white shirt+black jeans) look sophisticated and effortless at the same time. Those are from ASOS:


My next must-have: leather brogues. They look so sophisticated and they can match many outfits. Those are also from ASOS: 
Those shoes are my fave and I found some at H&M too: 

For my sporty days (I do have some sometimes 😆) I would wear the most comfortable shoes ever!!! Those are from H&M: 

And because the weather can be very unpredictable, I’m pretty sure we will need some boots soon. I’ve found some at and they’re ankle boots: 

And that is it! I hope you have enjoyed my must-have shoes for school! Stay tune for more and let me know if you like what I picked up for this autumn! 🍂🍁

Love,A 💜

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